About the Author

 Kieran O’Hagan

Kieran O’Hagan is an established writer and former Reader in the School of Social Work at The Queen’s University, Belfast. He worked for over twenty years in social services in Britain. He also lectured in Australia. He won the Community Care Travel Scholarship in two consecutive years, enabling him to work with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and with her Order of Brothers in Los Angeles.

He has had many textbooks and articles published, on a wide range of subjects including emotional and psychological abuse, crisis intervention, filicide-suicide, cultural sensitivity, and the abuse of women in family and child care work.

Two of his most popular textbooks (Crisis Intervention in Social Services and Emotional and Psychological Abuse of Children) have been translated: Italian and Hebrew respectively.

His research study on The Killing of Children in the Context of Separation, Divorce and Custody Disputes challenged the widely accepted view that such killings are unpredictable and unpreventable. He has also edited two highly successful volumes on competence in social work practice.

More recently, he has self-published two novels: The Verdi Solution and Rotherdam!

He has spent 6 years researching and writing his latest book, a fictionized memoir: Beethoven: The Poison That Is In Me. There is a short introduction to the work in the video that follows and more information can be found using the link below.